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So, it seems you've found my little space on the internet!  Well, sit back and have a cup of coffee--or a few martinis--and I'll tell you about myself.

I've always loved the vintage aesthetic, fueled by watching films on TCM and finding antique photos in thrift shops.  Old things are sturdy and reliable, from tailored clothes to vinyl records.  I started collecting vintage around 2011, although I've been gradually accumulating items here and there for awhile before that.
I'm fond of vintage repro items because of fit and quality, but there is no replacement for a lovely vintage dress that is just waiting to be used.

A few essentials...
  • Swing pants!
  • Plaid skirts, in every color possible.
  • A good haircut.  It fixes everything.
  • Red lipstick.  It fixes the bad haircuts.
  • Saddle shoes with white socks.
  • A good half hour listen of 1920s jazz a day, to keep your spirits high!
  • Good seamed stockings and a reliable garter belt (from What Katie Did, of course).
  • A decent blend of tea to get you through a long day in heels.

When I'm not drinking gimlets and lying around with the cat, you'll most likely find me reading, attending to one of my manual typewriters, or hot-gluing fringe to something-or-other.

If you'd like, send me a note using the email link above.  I always love comments, constructive criticism, and girly fashion talk.  If you want to link back to me, grab a button!


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