Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blobfest 2017

This past Saturday, we took a day trip to Phoenixville, PA to experience our first Blobfest!  This is the 18th year of the festival, celebrating the shooting of The Blob in Phoenixville (specifically, the famous blob attack in the theater) and surrounding locations.

Blobfest from Sabrina on Vimeo.

The landmark Colonial Theater was showing the Blob all day, along with other classics like House of Wax and It Came from Outer Space.
I wasn't really sure to expect from this, but the streets were packed and the theater crowd was hyped.  Every bad line-reading, every glimpse of the theater we were sitting in, and every small victory against the alien demanded shouting and cheering.  I've never seen a crowd so excited for a movie at 12 in the afternoon!

Drinks at Bluebird Distilling

On the street, there were local artists, vendors with bootleg DVDs of cheesy movies, VHS tapes, t-shirts, pillows... etc.  The late-night movie host of Cinema Insomnia, Mr. Lobo himself, was there.  (He personally gifted us pieces of Angoratex with which to calm your nerves during any Ed Wood movie viewing.)  People had rolled in with their hot rods and classic cars, and bands played all day so people could dance.
It was a really joyful celebration of that time an amorphous alien mass began to swallow townspeople whole and was defeated by Steve McQueen with a fire extinguisher.

Dress is vintage
Earrings by Bow & Crossbones
Vincent Price pin by Ghoul Gang

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